• Paris, France Guided Tour in 360 VR

    Virtual City trip is all about offering you the experience of visiting a city, through the power of virtual reality. In this stereoscopic 360 video episode we will be discovering the wonderful city of Paris.

  • 7 Chakras

    Heal your body with chakra healing frequencies. Experience full body healing by using the power of the 7 chakras to balance your mind, body , and soul.

  • Moraine Lake, Canada

    No matter the day, or the hour, I’m grateful for your existence, I’m glad you keep tryin’ even when the days are hard, always remember there’s always a new dawn nevermind how long the night is, keep the hope in your heart, smile as you close your eyes, remember beautiful moments in your life and breathe…whatever the problem is, the answers will come, sooner or later, and you will find balance again… all will be well.

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